Monday, May 10, 2010

Manic Mondays

OOOPS!!! Caught again doing my Monday morning chores in my underwear! LOL! As you can see, I am not a very "fussy" housekeeper...just pretend you didn't see that dirt!

I actually tried this method once when I was a youngster in training. My mother caught me in the act and let me tell you! I never tried it again! Mother did what good Mother's do and "convinced" me of the wrongfulness of my method! Good thing, too, because that rug would be a mile high by now! LOL!

I really think there should be a law about housework on Monday's....wouldn't the week ahead look much more interesting if we started out Monday's with visiting friends for tea, fabric shopping and some quilting!

I went to the Keswick Ridge Quilter's quilt show on the weekend. We made a quick trip there and was truly taken with the antique quilts. There was this amazing redwork piece, about 100 years old, made from penny squares. I just wanted to photo them all so I could make one just like it but there were too many! The squares are about 6" x 6".

This one was a blue work one, done with old style patterns but made recently. Just sweet!

I whipped up this bag last week for my mother. I started two others, also, and just have to put the finishing touches on them.

Happy quilting!

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