Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bra or Fabric?

I need a new bra. Actually, more like two new bras. Bra shopping for me is right up there with root canals.....I despise it! I will do almost
anything to avoid bra shopping. First, there's finding one that fits. I mean, really, 36" around should be 36" around no matter how you cut it. But nnnooo, you have to try on a gazillion different bras in a zillion different brands to find "your" 36"s! Then, just when you find the right size, in the right brand and go back to buy it again...they don't make that style anymore! And, forget about functional and pretty. It's either functional beige or black or white or pretty and useless. Why can't we get both in the same product! Wouldn't it be fun to have a great support bra in Moda fabric's!!!LOL Shopping for fabric is sssoooo much more fun than bra shopping and way less stressful! Wonder if I contact Moda if they would run me up a new bra made from "Verna" fabric!LOL Happy Quilting All!

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