Monday, February 15, 2010

Say hello to my little friend

You know the saying "sometimes you just don't know any different until you know different". Well that is how it was with my iron~ I didn't know it wasn't heating and steaming well anymore until I used the irons at the retreat! Oh, wow, I thought, MY iron used to be like this! So, when I returned from said retreat, I did the whole self-cleaning thingy and decalced it and nope, still not heating very hot and no steam. We took it apart to check for loose connections--because you know, we don't want to rush into buying a new iron :)....via Mr. Red Quilts...and still, nada. So, meet MR. SHARK..professional steam iron, guaranteed to heat faster and longer than other other iron, able to conquer huge piles of quilt pieces in a single session! Able to wait, that's Superman....hhhmm. The truth of the matter is I WEAR OUT IRONS! I mean, really, how long can I expect them to last when I use them each and everyday for hours. I do good to get two years out of one--just enough time for the warranty to pass, of course!LOL And a girl's just gotta have her tools to quilt with, right! Funny, if this was a hammer or skill saw, I wonder if we'd be having the same discussion...Mr. Red Quilts and I.

I'm feelin' braidy! I just love how these braids are coming together in the Essence fabrics. It makes my heart sing! I hope to have the borders on tonight and ready to put all together on Weds. Tomorrow is my day to work at the quilt shop and we have NEW fabric from Moda in! It's yummy, come and see if you can.

Went to see Wolfman yesterday and I give it a 6. It wasn't bad but it didn't leave me wanting more. Anthony Hopkins was, as usual, brilliant. I just wish they had modified the ending so that the girl got the guy kinda thing. Happy quilting,

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