Friday, February 12, 2010

Project peeks!

I've been amazed this winter with the states that are getting all this unusual snowfall. I live in an area that typically receives lots of snow; and, we, by comparison, have had a relatively mild snowfall this winter, at least so far. Reading all the blogs of my fellow quilters, however, I am seeing lots of snow in places that really don't know how to cope with it! Photos and photos of snow everywhere! The good news is that we are almost halfway thru February and spring is just around the corner! Smile, my friends, green grass and flowers are one their way!

Here is a peek at my new secret project! Very springy..I am using a jelly roll of Mill House Inn. I have only made one block and have already discovered the instructions to be frustrating. But it is too pretty to not make the whole quilt so I will go on to block two today.

Remember my new fabric I showed a week's a look at the first part of the quilt using it. I love this pattern...can't wait to finish it. Do you ever work on two projects at once. I am making one block of the spring quilt then work on the other quilt then back to another block of the spring quilt. That way, I will complete two tops about the same time. Nothing like multitasking!LOL My heart is racing with excitement to get these done!!

Valentine's is this weekend. Is Valentine's a girl holiday or a boy holiday?? I never can figure that one out...I mean, does a guy want roses and chocolate or beer and a movie? Is beer and a movie romantic? Or is it up to the guy to do the romance part? Does it matter to the guy if romance is involved? Or are they just happy with the feed me and let me enjoy the beer and movie part? Quiltingly,

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