Sunday, February 21, 2010

Running Amuck

How does one run amuck with blogging? Have a week like mine was! I seemed to race from one thing to another, hurriedly trying to keep ahead of the whole mess, only to have Thursday be a total bust, followed by shop work on Friday and Guild charity day on Saturday! Whew! The plan, and I mean the really serious plan, was to sleep in this morning and hopefully come up smiling with lots of energy to attack this coming week. Yeah, right....Anybody want a CAT! A cat who believes it's his honest duty to not let you oversleep and becomes the meowing alarm clock with no snooze button! LOL About 9:30 this am he could have been yours free with possibly some lovely FQ's thrown in! :) Until he snuggled in and kissed my eyelids, then I was a could I possibly live without him:)

I did arise with lovely bedhead hair, puffy eyes (possibly from lack of sleep) and absolutely no interest in the sewing room. After some serious nourishment and a HOT coffee, I felt a little more like joining the world. A quick comb of the hair, ponytail thrown in, house clothes thrown on and I was putting my braid quilt into the quilting frame. It's already to start stippling tomorrow. The week ahead is already shaping into a busy one but I do have plans to get out of town on the weekend with hubby, ssshh, he doesn't know yet, and totally remove myself from anything remotely looking like fabric. At least, that's the plan and yes, I know what they say about plans. I do not have one single picture to upload and share ...bad blogger me...will do better this week with the camera. Happy Quilting!

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