Thursday, January 28, 2010

Challenge Update!

It's another busy few days! Sometimes, one just has to stop, sit, and do nothing but mindless tasks so that the mind can recuperate! Yesterday was one of those days. I was worn out .....Tuesday, the shop had been busy with the first day of the sale, I hadn't felt good all weekend and it just all caught up with me. My total accomplishments for yesterday were running a few errands, preparing chicken supper and baking these yummy cupcakes for the afterschool kids I keep. I love seeing their eyes get big as saucers and the drool almost starting when they spy treats I prepare for them. Of course, they're usually starved by the time they get off the bus and these dissappeared very quickly. No, Bob, there's none left...:(

Here's another peek at the Coffee Can Challenge. I am happy with the ease that the strips went on but yikes, you should see the next step! I get to "play" with placement. I am not a fan of "freestyle" quilting...I like a plan and this doesn't come with one which means it will be more like painful work than play for me. The good news is that my 13 year old nephew previewed it last night and he thinks it's cool, so yep, dear nephew, it may be coming to live with you when it's done!:LOL

Kim over at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure is not having a very good week so go over to wish her wellness and cheer her up! Thinking about ya, Kim! Also, Nicole at Sisters Choice is having a bummer time with her eye! Get well soon Nicole! We don't want you looking like a pirate!:) P.S. You must see her stash but be sure to have a kleenix to wipe the drool!LOL

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