Saturday, February 15, 2014

Addiction Reality

Well, now that we've all survived the latest bouts of snow/ice storms...SNOW SNOW GO AWAY, COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY OR MONTH OR YEAR, JUST GO AWAY! You know there's too much snow when the Canadians start complaining lol!

Do you ever acquire mini-addictions? Like you start on one little thing and the next time you look, you're making tons of them, right out of the blue, insanely, non-stop. Well, I was hit by a very serious addiction over the last three weeks. I can blame it on one of those weed projects, the one where I was weedin' out yarn to make chevron scarves for the school kids.

Well, before you could say Mary, Francis and John, there was I was having an out of body experience, standing in the yarn aisle at Michael's buying more yarn! BUYING! I mean it must have been an out of body experience (or was it an out of my head experience lol) because the whole weedin' idea is to clear it out not bring it in!

Yet, out I came with 6 more balls of yarn(I even clipped coupons on my out of body experience haha), three weeks flew by(time flies during addictions); and, next thing you know, I have these gorgeous beauties.

Hang on a sec, I need to grab a know, one of those lifetime addictions :)

Okay, so, crocheting has never been my forte, but I hooked out these scarves in no time. They fit so nicely around the neck :) Last night, I finished the last one, the purple one, put the hook down and said to myself ,"there, I think I got it outta my system". For the first time in many days, I don't have this overwhelming need to hook. Thank heavens, because I have begun hearing things...I think it's all that fabric and quilt projects crying out "what about me?" :) At least, I hope that's it lol
('nother chocolate ;),

We have three cats in this house, so, without a doubt, we have lots of cat hair. In an effort to at least provide a cat hair free surface to sit on for company, I keep quilts on my living furniture, you know the guest furniture. Well, what do you think this lump is????

and, under the lump, defeating my whole strategy:
"What, did you want something, I'm trying to sleep here".
And BE CAREFUL!  cause apparently, weedin' can lead to addictions lol :)

God Bless and Happy Stitching!


QuiltSue said...

Your scarves look really cute, there will be some happy kids soon, specially with the weather you've been having.

As for the cat, well all I can say is how cruel you were to wake him (her) up to take that photo!

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