Monday, October 21, 2013

Fellow Blogger to the Rescue!!

I have to love my blog followers :) Especially when they "rescue" me. Thanks so much to fellow blogger Beatrice for tracking down a pattern for a pin cushion I had made quite a long time ago and posted on my blog.  A while back, someone had sent me an email wanting to know where they could get the pattern. I couldn't reply..HEADS UP---if you want an answer you have to change your blogger setting from NO-REPLY.  I couldn't find the pattern anyways, after several thorough hunts for it. Beatrice must have seen the question too and thoughtfully send me an email "reminding" me lol where it was located.  I hope that "Sheila-quilter 47 sees this note too.

Here is the link to the Pincushion in was fun to make and yes, I think I will make it again but this time using holly and berries :)

Again, kudos to should receive blogger of the day :)
In Stitches,and God Bless


Beatrice said...

Hello, my pleasure! Thank you for sharing the picture of those pincushions with us in the first place!
Beatrice (from France, Europe)

Heather said...

Dropping by to say hello and to send wishes for the very best in this new year.

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