Friday, June 28, 2013


Yes, I've made the change cause I don't want to lose all my friends! That would be awful :( So if you want to continue reading me, follow me on bloglovin or if you have already made the change, you've probably already imported all the blogs you follow.

I know I've been away for a long time but things are okay just really busy. I don't seem to get much done for myself but I have started a new summer project. I'll post on that as soon as I get a picture.

Hugs, Shelley


Andrea R said...

I switched to using Feedly instead of Google Reader.

Nanci Stokes said...

I cannot for some reason get my blog over to bloglovin, no matter what I do. how did you do it?

Quilt Hollow said...

Where are you? Miss ya! Sent you a goat and you ignore me?! ROFLOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am also using bloglovin’ because is very simple and easy to use. I am sorry to hear you are busy and get no time for yourself. Good luck with your new summer project and I hope to see some of your work around here soon. Thanks for sharing.

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Heather said...

dropping by to say hello. Hope all is well and that you've just been busy.