Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quilts & Cats

I don't know which I have been most busiest around here so far this week...cats or quilts!  I am loving taking pics of the new 6 and 8 months old, they are still young enough to be silly, do stupid things and keep us entertained with their discovery of how to do new things. And our old cat, Misha, has finally accepted them and peace reigns most of the time lol! How can you not just love these faces :)
 Misha..just look how fat the kitten food had made him lol! Not happy he's having his picture taken but then none of us like too when we're a little "fluffy"
 Miss Princess Liara showing off her beautiful colors...she's picked up "talking" from the other two cats this week and now she speaks to us every time she sees us :)
Little Louie...sleeping away :)
Then, there's the quilts...oh, I have been so lucky to quilt some beautiful quilts :)
 A Thangles BOM for the LQS.
 I've seen this one "All Wrapped Up" around blogland but when I got this one to quilt I was blown away by how pretty it is. I've printed off the pattern and it's gone on my "want" list lol!
 Close up of how I quilted the presents.  It was fun!
This one is all flannel and really beautiful..

 An older hand embroidered baby top that was hard to decide what to do on it.  I finally decided to just stipple in white thread over all the embroidery so as not to take away from the colors.  It really worked out nicely

 This is the lovely bench hubby made me for Christmas this year! I just love it and over the back is a sweet little quilt Mary sent me for Christmas too.  I am so lucky!
Lastly, the kids hanging out at the back door getting a bit of fresh air...with temps in the -20F, it's too cold to let them out.
Quiltingly, Shelley


Michele said...

Beautiful quilts with lovely quilting Shelley :-) Adorable cats too! Wow! Is it cold were you are!

Sinta Renee said...

I'm glad you found a little time to post! All sorts of sweetness... including those cats:)

Sandy said...

Oh, I love that "All Wrapped Up" quilt. And i love the cats, too. Shelley, is there some way you could make the type maybe white. The black on the red background is very hard to read. Hate to complain but I love your blog and I don't want to miss one thing! Thanks.

Nanette Merrill said...

quilts and cats do go together! love the pics of the cats, they look like I could just snuggle down with them on top of one of those beautiful quilts and dream

Linda H said...

OOOh, you're two new kitties are both so beautiful. Of course I am partial to Lou, being a Maine Coon owner myself... If I was closer I'd be dropping by for a visit for some kitty cuddles...

Linda H said...

Oh! And of course, the quilts are beautiful too!!!