Sunday, December 30, 2012

This Day//

With two large snow storms this week, plus Christmas, there hasn't been much traveling going on.  It's still snowing here and the wind is blowing the roads part closed so I'm not taking any trips to far lol!  We're down to about 1 cup of milk, I've got to remember to pick up an emergency box of dry milk!

I'm adding new tabs to the top of my blog.  One for quilts that I have quilted for customers and one for my cats :) 

 We have three cats now! Two kittens were rescued the end of August by my nephew...the "animal whisperer"...honestly, if there are any animals wild or tame in crisis, he manages to come into contact with them and bring them home, much to his mother's dismay LOL!  We've seen everything from baby coons to falcons with broken wings to abandoned pups and these kittens who were about to be shot.  That's how these kittens came to us.  I have no place in my heart for that kind of cruelty! And no lectures please, because I'm a country girl and I know all about the necessity of when and how some animals have to be put down.
  One was at most 8 weeks was apparently still on it's mother because we had to heat warm milk and teach it to eat watered down wet food.  The other was about 10-11 weeks and could eat on it's own, but very skittish.  She was adopted immediately by my son....a mutual choice as they took to each other immediately.  She's a beautiful tortoiseshell my son named Liara and she's brought balance to our cat family since she and my son moved in Dec 15.

The littlest kitten my sister nursed(SPOILED!!) for a month, trying to find it a home.  In October, he came to live with us.  He's part coon cat, large hairy ears and long fluffy tail. He's named Louie but we call him Lou most of the time.  He has been a hoot and been the cause of many sessions of downright belly laughter lol!  I don't think there's one piece of furniture in our home that he didn't consider to be a cat jungle gym :) And fearless lol...even pint sized he'd tackle our large 12 year cat Misha, who just considered him a nuisance, not worth the time of day and gained at least 5 lbs trying to eat all the kitten food (I think the plan was to starve him out lol), but the Lou persisted and finally won him over.

It's been like having 2 two year kids in the house the past weeks.  Lou had to be rocked, yes rocked!, to sleep twice a day(MY SISTER'S FAULT!!!)  Ever try to longarm quilt holding a kitten who sat at your feet squeaking-he never meows-to be held! We managed, he and I, to make it through lol! He wants nothing to with rocking now and I kind of miss it :(

Welcome the new members of our family...
  Liara with her gorgeous golden eyes-6 months
 Misha,my babycakes-12 yrs and Lou, check out those eyeliner peepers--4 months  They are both my "talkers" :)
  Quiltingly, Shelley


Michelle said...

They are beautiful...and'd take him in a heart beat!

Enjoy the snow!

sunny said...

I love cats, and torties and coon cats are my favorites! What a beautiful family you have. Will be watching for more stories.

WoolenSails said...

It is so sad to see kitties out in this cold. My neighbor leaves hers out and one is coming here to eat, so I need to see if it is hers or a stray. It looks like it is an older cat and with all the food we give it, it is not gaining much weight, so assume it is sick too, so going to check if our shelter will have the vet take a look at it, can't stand seeing it suffer.


Heartsdesire said...

Oh, the cats are gorgeous. We adopted a three-month-old kitten that looks exactly like Lou, and, at 18 1/2, she's still with us. Love the idea of The Cat Files.

Tina said...

Love, Love, Love your kitties! Over the years we, too, have come across kittens that people have dumped in our neighborhood. One gorgeous boy (we ended up naming him Blueberry because of his bluish coat) had so much tree sap on him that the vet initially thought he was blind! Anyway, all of these babies that have come into our lives have turned out to be the BEST cats ever, bringing tons of joy into our lives and tons of laughter. And you just can never have too much laughter and happiness! Your little ones are gorgeous!! Thanks for the wonderful pictures and post! You made my day!!!

Angie said...

Oh my they are all beautiful!

Brenda said...

Love all those cats. Lou is just beautiful and reminds me of a cat I had named Calvin. He was the best cat.

Michelle May said...

They are all so adorable. I'm so glad they have found forever, happy, full of love homes with you and your family. Makes me smile big!
Happy New Year!

Sandy said...

Welcome back Shelley. I'm a few up on you in the cat department. I have 7 and they are all indoor cats. Three of them hate each other so it's a job keeping them separated. Ever heard of a screen door in your hall??? I have one. It lets the heat from the woodstove down the hall in cold weather. All of mine were throwaways and I love them all. Glad to know you're a cat lover too. Looking forward to reading your posts this year.