Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Goat Story

Once upon a time, not in a land far away...actually my back yard, there lived a fine looking goat named Fred.  Fred was a hard working goat, chomping on grass and keeping the lawn trimmed and looking fine for his masters. Day after day, Fred ate grass, doing his job without complaint.  Fred actually loved his job working outside in the warm sunshine all day.  He especially liked rainy days when the grass was sweet, new and wet.  His favorite wildflower to eat was clover and because it smelled so sweet, he always left a patch of clover to snuggle into at night.

One day, Fred noticed that the grass was not growing quite so high and it was beginning to taste like dry straw, not the sweet green stuff he was used to.  "Oh no!", thought Fred.  "My masters are going to be so upset with me!  I've done something to ruin their grass!"

What Fred didn't know, because afterall, Fred's a goat and not that smart, was that the Land of Endless Beauty was experiencing a dry spell.  Even though some rain had fallen, it was not enough to keep the grasses and flowers growing tall, rich and green. The land was turning brown.

Poor Fred the goat didn't know what was going to happen to him.  Would his masters make him start eating clothes from the clothesline or force him to chew down on some bitter tree branches?

Fortunately for Fred, he had kind and loving masters, who wouldn't dream of making Fred suffer such indignities! But something had to be done!  Fred's masters decided to send Fred on vacation, perhaps a working vacation since Fred loved to keep busy. Fred was worried when he heard this news.  "Send him away!?", he thought.  "But I'm scared....I've never lived anywhere but here in the Land of Endless Beauty!"

Fred's masters told him not to worry his little goat head at all because where they were sending him was a land just as beautiful as the Land of Endless Beauty.  In fact, there was even a kind and loving Queen Mary in this new land where he would be spending his working vacation.

"Will there be sweet flowers and sunshine in this new land?", Fred asked.  "Oh, yes," replied his masters.  "Sweet flowers like you've never tried before!"

"Can I come back when the dry spell is over?" asked Fred.  "You can return anytime you wish," replied his thoughtful masters.

So, Fred took one good long look around at the Land of Endless Beauty.  He was going to miss this place but understood that his masters were only doing the best and most kindest thing for him by sending him away.

A few days later, Fred was high up in the air in a terrifyingly noisy creature, looking down at many different Lands of Endless Beauty beneath him, heading off to where no goat had gone before.

Happy Stitching and God Bless :)


QuiltSue said...

I hope Fred will be very happy in his temporary new home.

Sherryl said...

Oh my! Fred us FLYING to his new Land? Wow. What considerate masters he has, to go to such lengths for him. What a lucky (confused) goat he must be! :-) (and truly, how very cool)

Sheila said...

Cute story , I could easily visualize poor Fred being so sad to leave home , we all have been there .

Michelle May said...

Oh poor little Fred. I know his masters miss him already.

Janet said...

Tell Amanda that story!!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I've never even heard of Fred, but I miss him already. :-) Hope he's back with his masters soon.

lil red hen said...

Cute! We have a little calf, named Fred by the neighbor kids, who gets out into the yard to eat. Our pastures are brown from the drought and heat, so he finds a bit of green in the yard.