Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've been sick...yep, that nasty old cold/flu bug finally laid me low for the past week.  I'm not very patient when I get sick.  I lay there thinking of all the things I could be/should be doing, wishing and hoping that any minute the magic wellness genie is going to swoop in and wave his "get well instantly" wand so I can fly back into the business of my life. To be honest, I get down right mad that I have to take time to be sick!! 

 Why do we feel like we can't take time to take care of ourselves, to just relax into the therapy of rest and relaxation so that our bodies can heal themselves.  I had high hopes for all I was going to get accomplished this week! My total accomplishments are compiled of reading two short stories, taking a shower, emptying two Kleenex boxes, picking up one quilt magazine only to put it back down, and generally making a wreck of the bed sheets with all my tossing and turning! And FINALLY!!!!!! IT'S OVER LOL!  okay, whining over :)

I have another "little peep" of my "Henri's Friends" quilt.  I am down to deciding how to quilt the last two borders, doing the binding and then it will not longer be a WIP/UFO :)  

Introducing Missie Peeps...
isn't she sweet!

And, speaking of peeps, Misha never left my side the whole time I was sick....he's such a nursemaid lol!  All snuggled under the blankets with me....
Just look at this lovely quilt I had the pleasure of quilting for a customer recently!  I think it was from an older Australian quilt magazine.  I just love the colors she choose and she did a great job piecing it!
I've heard from Kaaren, who we were all doing the Sunshine Squishies for, and she's doing well. She's such a trooper!! She only has two more weeks left of treatments after this week so keep those prayers coming:)

Happy Stitching and God Bless!


Barb said...

sorry you have not been feeling well.

WoolenSails said...

I hope you feel better soon, I got it too and like you, I have no time to be sick, lol.


barcord said...

Glad you're over the worst of the bug. It has been here too, but I managed to avoid it so far. Even with hub and daughter sneezing around me. Missie Peeps is cute, and Misha too. Good to hear of Kaaren. Still praying. Sunshine squishy sent yesterday :-)

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Your quilts are so lovely! :)
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)