Friday, January 13, 2012

Catching Up!

Whew! Does it ever seem to you that the more you do the less that gets done lol!  I've been playing catch-up with the whole house for the past three weeks. For every item I cross off my to-do list, another 3 go on!  I figure I will see the light at the end of the tunnel hopefully somewhere by the end of next week. I mean, one has to hope, right lol! Either that or burn the list!!

A belated, belated Happy New Year's to everyone in blogland!  We had a wonderful New Year's Eve for the first time in lots of years.  Usually, we are in bed before the clock strikes eleven but this year we spent it with family and new family/friends that moved to our town this summer.  We really enjoyed our evening guys!!

Gosh, where to start.  First, some of my projects I made for Christmas presents:

Notebook covers and a wool bag (I missed getting pic of yours mum)

 Cutest and easiest little change purse from Valori Wells:

 Snowman ornie from a recycled wool blanket, which are getting harder and harder to find at thrift stores!
 A binder cover for my Bob dad who is a genius fiddle player!

Now, onto some Christmas photos:

My boys....who make every occasion memorable lol! DS #1 has been asking for several years for a guitar and we finally decided he must be serious so that was his special gift this year.
 Getting into the spirit and having fun!  This would make a good first album cover lol!
 DS#2 surprised his Dad and I with a new snow blower for Christmas! What a wonderful surprise which of course caused some tear shedding :)  It takes sometimes two hours to scoop our driveway by hand and with David still recovering his strength, the snow blower is a blessing, as well,
all the thought and planning behind it! Thanks to who got the ball rolling!!
 Next: I mentioned earlier about some new family/friends moving to our area.  They are relatives of my BIL and around here, your family is our family and we consider them good friends too.To make a long story short, Lana and I completely clicked and became fast friends and when she found out about my quilting, hobby...she wanted to give it a try and asked me to teach her.  Well, how could I resist recruiting another partner in crime lol!  To say she took to it like a duck to water would be putting it mildly! Like a proud mama, I'm sharing some of her first projects:

I don't have picture of the runner I taught her on.  The Christmas topper....well, you need to know she whipped that up from just a picture on the internet! Her second project! Without any help from me!  The next quilt, a pattern from an old quick quilts magazine, looks NOTHING like the original photo.  You'd never even know it was the same pattern! Either I'm a genius teacher or this girl has talent! ( and believe me, it's the second option)! I'm so happy she's enjoying her new hobby, her enthusiasm is infectious and her lack of fear to try something new is good for me too!

Tired yet?  Just two more things: I used a tutorial from Kathie here to make this little mini.  I even jumped out on a limb and used fabrics that are definitely not my usual picks but I was needing something bright and cheery to work with and I just love it. I'm going to just add a binding and hand quilt it.

 and for family, a really nice picture of David and his sister at Christmas....

Hopefully, the next blog post won't be so long in coming! Happy Stitching and hugs to all!


sunny said...

Sounds like a Happy Christmas was had by all!. I love that Christmas table topper, and I'll be making one from this picture!!

Quilt Hollow said...

I enjoyed the "catch up" blog post and filled with all those wonderful projects...pure bliss!!!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. :-) Love all the projects you and Lana made! Have a happy weekend!

Darcy said...

I found the same tutorial for the mini quilt...I have seen Camille's "Wild Thing" forever, and now I have the pattern to make's on my huge list of things I want to make. I've caught the quilting bug again. :)

rc truck said...

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