Thursday, March 24, 2011

Earth to Shelley, Are You There?

Yes, I'm here!!!  Although, somedays, I wish I was lost...on a warm tropical island where the sun shines all day and I have "staff" and lots of lounging time.  But, that's not my real life.  My real life is full with a loving husband, two great sons, wonderful friends, lots of work and quilts! AND, my wonderful blogging friends!

There's been some chatter lately about what people blog about when it comes to quilting.  Some think it should be about the process, some about the finished projects and some, I think, fall somewhere in the middle.  Me, I don't really care because I just enjoy sharing time with people who share a common interest. I find that no matter what my blogging friends write about, I am always interested and usually take away something interesting. It doesn't matter to me if they share about their families, their bad days, their good days,  or just whatever is on their mind.  Isn't that what friends are for anyways?  I love my blog friends and I hope they all continue to write just as they have been...that's why I follow them!

Speaking of friends, Misha, our cat, made a new friend last week.  We had this cat that appeared on the doorstep on Monday night and was still there on Wednesday.  Misha was having a bird wanting to "meet" this cat.  Misha is an indoor cat and hasn't been up and close with other cats before but we made introductions and it was hilarious!! At first, he didn't know quite what to do, how to approach the other cat.  The other cat stepped up and taught him how to play and I snapped lots of photos.
Misha's on the table clearly stating who owns the home!

A little closer now.  The two of them having been "talking" non-stop since we let the visitor in.
See, this is how you do it! LOL!  We're having fun now! They played and played for almost an hour! Running around and talking to each other, it was so cute!
Our visitor all tuckered out and catching a cat nap before more play.  Isn't he gorgeous!  At this point, we were hoping he was a stray so we could adopt him.
Making himself at home...we always make our visitors feel very welcome!  We did some phone calling and found out a neighbor had been missing their indoor cat for 3 days.  They came to look and yep, he was their's :(  Happy he found his family but Misha and us miss him.  He has come back twice since then, comes in to play for about 1/2 hour, then we take him back.  The owner's are just amazed at this whole situation!

I have some wonderful squishies to share with you:
Last month on the Painted Quilt blog, I won Kaaren's sampler for her monthly Friday Freebie.  It is so much prettier than a picture can show and I am ecstatic to have won it!
I won this bag pattern from the Fat Quarter blog a few weeks ago! I have to make this bag before quilt show season so that I will have it to use to collect all my new purchases from the vendors!  Thanks so much Jolly Jabber!!
And a delicious 1933 charm pack from a special blogging friend.  My quilt buddies and I drooled over the pieces last night at Girls Night Out.  I think I have to have some more :)!

I am very blessed to have such squishies come my way and I am definitely going to pay it forward so some people should watch their mail boxes cause you just never know!  Happy Stitching!


Stray Stitches said...

How fun for Misha to have a friend that comes calling. You have been very lucky in the winning department - congrats!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I totally agree with you. I know there was a big brew haha a couple of days ago, but thankfully I didn't see it. I love visiting with other bloggy friends whether they are quilting, knitting, sewing, or just sharing about their families. It's all about people, and getting to know them like you would any other friend. Glad to see you back Shelley.


I too don't really care what other bloggers write about--as long as it is done in a sharing kind of way!!!
How great for Misha to have a play mate--and this way you only have to feed one!!!!
Love all your gifties--will have to look into that line of 1933 prints!!!
Hugs, Di

Sinta Renee said...

Love the photos of the cats... it makes me miss my cat so much! They are so beautiful. Nice goodies too! I hadn't even seen that 1933 line of fabrics/hmmm.

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh how sweet Misha made a friend! That is adorable to have play dates. I'm glad his owner did find him though!
I have to agree that blog friends are wonderful and squishes make it all the more special. Hugs to you! You've been on my mind!!!

Betty Lou said...

Everybody needs a friend to come and visit-----glad kitty has a good home, but he would of had a good home with you also.

Heather said...

I"m typing this comment as I'm sitting beside you on the beach with our fresh cocktails.

Great post. Write what you want on your blog, show your project at whatever point you want. I'm cool with any and all.

Like you, I enjoy my online friends and it really does feel like I am visiting with them when I read their posts.

Shontelle said...

About 3 months ago our rear neighbour's cat decided to move in with us. He goes home for meals, but other than than he lives here now. In fact, he is asleep on my daughter's bed as we speak. Very strange. But that's cats for you.

Shakerwood said...

Everybody (animals included) should have a play date once in a while! Glad Misha could find one.

Kaaren said...

I L-O-V-E animal stories with happy endings but it makes me think that Misha needs a 'permanent' bud, right, Shelley? *wink*

I'm so happy you like my "Winter" stitchery. I know it has a good home.

Michele said...

I totally agree with you about blogging. Thanks for putting that out there.....I love my blogging friends no matter what they are making, what kind of fabrics they are using, how often they have time to post, or what they want to talk about on their blogs. It's their blogs after all :-) love the cat story and cute!

ButtonMad said...

Gorgeous have had so much luck on the winning front - we're holding a give-away that ends tonight of our handmade buttons - they might come in handy...good luck if you do enter!

SubeeSews said...

How sweet that they became friends through teh glass and then really liked each other inside. I shudder when people say they let their cats outside. We used to until our bestest,sweetest,funniest,trickiest kitty was EATEN by a visiting dog near our backyard. That was in 1985. Makes me want to cry right now.
Anyway...they are lovely kitties.