Monday, October 25, 2010

Two months til Christmas!

Two months from today is Christmas!!! And that makes me so happy :)) I love Christmas! I love decorating my house for the season. It's like taking a trip down memory lane to decorate my tree. There's ornaments from our first Christmas married, our kids first Christmases, the homely but too adorable to throw away ornaments the kids made at school--I''m a sucker for sentimental:). Then, there's the special ornaments given/made/inherited from friends and family that hold a special meaning. They all go on and somehow the tree always looks special.

I love how the first snowfall of the season smells so clean and white...yes, white does have a smell when it's snow. The feel of the snowflakes on my, light and feathery. I love the first walk in the snow after dark and the crunch of the snow under my boots takes me back to the excitement I felt as a child making the first footprints in a field of white. It felt special to make the first footprints, like I was an adventurer in a new world.

I love the colors and smells of Christmas! The fir and pine, the hot apple ciders and hot chocolates, the spices of cookies, pies and cakes, the glow of candles and colored lights, the steam of stews and soups and the red...oh the red of Christmas! LOL!

While we were away a few weeks ago in Maine, we were driving thru the town of Nobleboro, and quick as you please, we passed a sign that said Quilt Shop. Mr RQ asks the most ridiculous question of the trip..."Do you wanna go back?" And here I thought I had him trained better than that! LOL! Of course we went back! Now, you see, I knew there was a quilt shop in Nobleboro but I had forgotten about it (don't tell Mr. RQ that, though, lol). The shop is called Mainely Sewing and is a delight for the senses! I couldn't believe the amount and variety of fabric in that place! I wandered room to room, rounded a corner and there I heart twitterpated at lightspeed because you see...I had found the ultimate ....THE WALL OF RED! Yes, I said WALL!
Here it is in ALL it's glory! Wonderful bolts of beautiful red fabrics...three whole shelves of them...over a hundred bolts of red! I wanted a piece of each and every one...yes, I did! LOL! But, I settled on 1/2 yard of a very special one. But, you know....I will be back LOL!

Blogger is working terrible! I had to go back to the old format of blogger to even get my photo to upload and then it was still tricky. Oh well, just one week left until I can officially dig out
my snowmen and winter decorations! It was 32 F. here today and on Saturday, we had flurries in the air :)! Happy Stitching!

I posted this in Large print...didn't get it and I don't have a clue what that blank box is or where it came from or how to get rid of it!! Frustrating!!


Cathi said...

Oh, my -- Christmas decorations already?? I am not ready to even think about it!!
We were darn near 70 today and they say it will be like that again tomorrow. I'll take as many of these Indian Summer days as we can get!

Barbara said...

I too go crazy in decorating for the holidays and I save my tree for last so I can take my time and enjoy all the ornaments from all the years of exchanging with family/friends.
Unfortunately I can not relate to the first snow etc as I'm from Central California and the only white we see if fog. I love the idea of a cold snowy white Christmas though.

Thelma said...

I'm into Christmas as much as you, but not in TWO months, are you kidding me, where did this year go. I feel like I just got my decorations put up from last year!!

A wall of reds, my dream come true!!

Love that red box in your post, I'm always amazed when my posts show up at all, with or without phantom blocks!

Mary Lou Casada said...

Shellie, I start playing Christmas music this time of year...Love the sights, sounds, and smells of it all! Would give my eye teeth -- well, one of them, perhaps! LOL -- for a white Christmas!
I need your notes on how you trained your husband! Clearly, I have not offered the right incentive to get him to stop at quilt shops! LOL
Mary Lou

Barb said...

Talk about getting people excited about Christmas, you did your red wall!

Quilt Hollow said...

Christmas is coming waaaaaay to fast for my liking! I tell are older now too so what do you get a 21 and 17 year old boy?! YIKES....I'm guessing CASH.

Barb said...

oh no! even though I totally love decorating for christmas I can't believe it's that close.
those reds are luscious.
drat blogger - i hate when it acts up!

Crunchy Diva said...

i love decorating my tree that's my favorite thing to do a christmas. every year we each buy a new ornament & i date them. i'm already checking out where we should buy the decorations this year. i'm also hoping to make a decoration or two this year as well.