Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whimsy Love Lessons

Okay, I have to fess up...when I first saw the charm pack of Whimsy, I thought it was okay but it certainly didn't rock my boat but I needed something I hadn't used yet, so I bought it.

Now, in day two of working with it, I LOVE IT! These are four of my favorite 4 patch combos....see those red polka dots!!!:) The red rick rack! The red florals!! There are many little bits of red in this collection that just make my heart sing. The more I cut and sew, the more I like this collection. The reason it didn't really turn me on in the first place was that the top two square were peach...not me at all. In fact, I tossed all the peachy ones aside and still have enough to make my Schnibbles pattern. My thought on this is...why didn't Moda put the pretty ones on top instead of the ugly ones. I guess the lesson here is an old one...don't judge a book by its cover...or a charm pack by the fabric on the top. Open it up and really see what's inside.

*I have to pause here and tell you that it is taking me forever to type this...Misha gets so jealous of the computer, especially when I start typing...he interrupts me every 5 seconds by placing his little paws on my leg and forces his head under my hand to get me to pet him! LOLOL! Worse than a kid!*

I am loving the simple piecing on this would be a great quilt made with layer cakes too! Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian blogging friends!


Thelma said...

You're right, those reds make that family of fabric. I felt the same way about Fig Tree fabric in general, not me, too pastel. Now that I'm in the middle of working with them I love them all!

A perfect choice for that pattern!

Cathi said...

I always look at charm packs and think of them as a little treasure hunt -- who knows what beauties we'll find as we go through each one. :-)

Heather said...

Great Canada Day reds.