Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Still Alive...Barely!

Pool, basement, pool, fan.....the objects of my life the past few weeks. I am tired of the humidity, tired of having my energy sucked outta me, tired of not accomplishing ANYTHING!! GGRRR! There, that's my whine for this week! Now on to some more interesting stuff.

I have borrowed DS's laptop and am using it in the basement. I've missed not blogging :(.

I haven't much to show for the past two weeks. I did a major file job on my patterns and cleaned out my quilt magazines. I went thru ALL my quilt magazines and any that had only one or two patterns in it that I was interested in, I took them out and will pass the rest of the magazine on to someone else. I only have so much room and have to keep the clutter down. Someone else may as well be enjoying the rest of the patterns instead of it sitting there never used. If it had 3 or more patterns I liked, I kept it. With the price of patterns, magazines are still a good buy.

I have worked on an embroidery for a pillow. My sister added some color to the bluebird with paint sticks....I think it really makes the bird pop! Plus, I snapped a couple more photos of heart bargello quilts ...a class taught by the wonderful teacher, Connie Fullarton, at the quilt shop last month. Aren't they pretty!


vivian said...

Love your heart quilts! The humidity is pretty rough here too!

Diane H said...

Now your birdie sings! I can't wait til the heat goes away.

Cyndi said...

I just love that little bluebird :o) and those quilts are fabulous - I especially like the one on the right!

It's hot here, too. Luckily my sewing room is in the basement and it's nice and cool down there. I'm going to look like a salamander when I finally sun! LOL!!!!



Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Holy cow that heart is lovely.

Cathi said...

The heat is rather overwhelming this summer - and I like the heat normally! Hope you get some energy back.