Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have you seen this!

Last week, I acquired these cute little scraps. Since then, I have sorted them, kept them by my chair, spread them out, played with them, stroked them, repiled them, HUNTED and I mean HUNTED the net trying to find them!! I want some of this yardage! Have any of you seen this anywhere!!??? Do you know the name of the line or the manufacturer? Any help would be appreciated!

Alot of bloggers have sure been busy quilting up a storm! I feel like a storm has hit my sewing room and left me all confuddled!. I am thinking maybe I have too much on the go. But did that stop me from starting a new project! LOLOL! NOOOOOOO......stupid me, I had to even start something from designing it on paper to finished in 5 days. I had this Canadian flag thing running around in my head for days and just couldn't get past it. I used my EQ to help me design the flowers. I made it all in Kansas Troubles fabrics and I like the fact that it is country enough to hang all year around.

I love these little yoyo's....they are 1" finished but they were worth the work!

Here is my finished project. I need a name for it.....

Also, I have been working on Bunny Hill's Snowman BOM and want to start A Tisket, A Tasket. Would some of you excellent appliquers out there please tell which method you used for the applique. I want to use all cottons. The snowman one, I am using lightweight fusible and hand blanket stitching around the raw edges. I am not sure how this will stand up to washing and I want Tisket/Tasket to be washable.

Happy stitching!

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