Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodies and Lushies!

I'm doing my extreme Happy Dance!!! Can't you see me shaking my booty!!LOL!

Last week, our guild went on it's first ever shop hop to two quilt shops 3 hours away! We had one HOOTIN' time, let me tell you! That bus was a Rockin"...oh, maybe that was the wind! Oh well, we did have a fine time parting with our $$.

My BIG GOODIE!>>>>why the Schnibbles times Two book!! AND, it was the
last copy in the store!! And it was soooo mine! LOL! Also, found the other book on my list...Scrap Basket this one too!

First on the list, Plan C in the large size made with the following Lushies! Mostly Kansas Troubles with some Jo Morton thrown in. Don't they play well together! Just a wonderful selection of yummieness!

Oh, my rotary cutting hand is feeling the buzz .....can't wait to cut into these goodies!! I say that now but it will probably be at least two weeks until I can start it. Gee whiz, I really need to finish some stuff fast!LOL! Doesn't it seem like the more you finish, the more you start? Kinda like the vicious cycle on the quilting track....more time! need more time! Then, to top it off, the guild's BOM for this month is evil in disguise!!! I mean, seriously...take a look at this
SET IN SEAMS!!!.....first time doing them....hate them....they are nasty little things to sew by machine. I can see this being sooo easy by hand piecing. I have done partial seams with no headaches but these set in seams make me growl....not a good thing. Strains the happy and blissful mood of my home!!LOL! I am having puckers everywhere, wavy seams and edges, twists and name it! I want to give up and not make this block but I am too stubborn. Have to do some ripping and find a way!
***Update***I found a way!!! Watch tomorrow to see how this block with set in seams comes together easier by least it's working for me!

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