Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Dyed Today!

This has been one of those weeks that my creative juices have been on brain has been operating in overload with ideas that I want to make. What do you do when this happens? I keep a notebook to write it all down in so I have something to refer to later when the creative ideas slow down and I can't seem to think of anything new.

One of the things that has been on my to-do list is dyeing some wool using Kim's Kool Aid in the crockpot method. I had all kinds of people on the hunt for a used crockpot. My friend Joann found one a couple weekends ago at a yard sale for $1. $3 worth of Kool Aid later, I was ready to go!
First, you see the wool "cooking" in the slow cooker.
Then, we have the finished color, very pretty, still to be dried.

The color looks a little mottled but that is only because it was still wet. When it dried, the color was more even. This color is made from Raspberry Lemonade flavour. Yes, I know it doesn't look raspberry!

Onto the second batch....used Tropical Punch on this one and LOVE LOVE LOVE the red, of course, red being my FAVORITE color!

I have completed the cooking part and I am giving the wool it's wash and rinse. I thought there would be alot more color rinsing out but there was really not much at all.

See how yummy it is when it is done! Smells good too!LOL! I am having a wonderful time thinking up projects to use this color with.

In this batch, I decided to experiment a little....can't seem to follow the rules you know!LOL! I didn't throw out the dye bath left from the blue color...I put in back in the pot, added 1 tbsp of Cherry, thew in the wool and got this lovely deep pinky rose colored wool! It's very, very pretty. I petted it for a while:) Yep, I sure did! LOL! Sure had lots of fun for $4! Happy quilting!

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