Monday, March 1, 2010

Finishes with Lily!

Everyone, please meet Lily who helps me to quilt my tops. Lily loves to stipple and prefers cotton batts over fact, she's a little snobbish about it!LOL :) She will sometimes become very tempermental and fussy about her stitching if I force too many poly batts on her in a row. Otherwise, she's a doll! Here she is helping me quilt my braid quilt and doing a very lovely job of it, I might add :) (I have to talk nice about her or she throws fits!!LOL) She, also, prefers only Signature Threads! Good grief, she's high maintenance!

I, also, completed and quilted, with Lily's help of course, this pretty simple one block quilt for a friend who is very sick. Wasn't the men's hockey game excellent last night! But I am glad we are back to regular programing! Happy quilting!

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