Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A New Project and a Whine

Take a look at my new project! I'm so excited!!! I am using a jelly roll from Sandy Gervais called Essence. Doesn't it look yummy! The pattern I am using it in is called Lemon Blush by My Sister and Me...it's a braid quilt, a pattern I have always liked but never tried before. It took an hour to cut all the strips into their correct pieces. Just have to cut the borders, etc. then I can start sewing!

Now I don't want to have to complain but I am! I got gypped again last night at guild! We had a FQ exchange where we were to bring 3 FQ's-a dark, a medium and a light, wrapped in red tissue paper. All excited, I opened the package I received...so far so good...really pretty fabs. Then I open up the first FQ..it only measures 10 x 12 and has a huge "bite" out of it! I mean ..seriously!??? The second FQ...is not even a FQ! It's a 5 x 42 piece with one really crooked edge! The third one did turn out to be a true FQ and was nice. But really!!!......It's not fun to play a game and someone doesn't play fair :( It was so amazingly ridiculous that my friend and I just broke right down laughing..in tears....she could laugh, of course, because she didn't play , said she knew better!or something like that!LOL You see, I am a true optimist (or sucker) and thought this time it would be different. Last time I played, I opened my package and instead of quilt fabric---it was upholstery fabric!!LOL A really nice friend felt bad for me and gifted me with good FQ's and I'm thankful, but will I play again?..Dunno.. I'm gonna suggest the next time they play this type of game, we hand out a sample square of quilt fabric and the exact measurements of a FQ! Suppose it'd make a difference? Whine session over.... thanks for listening. Tomorrow is the reveal of who wins the giveaway! Mr. Red Quilts will do the honors. ......wine session, maybe that's what I need!LOL

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