Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So, the cat is still sleeping on the table quilt. I give up. He wins! That being said, without further ado, it is my privilege to introduce you to Sir Spoiled, hereafter referred to as Misha. Notice the fluffy tail and the tufted ears--yep, we have some Maine Coon Cat in us somewhere. This guy stole my heart the minute I picked him up and he laid back in my hands, purring. He was 6 weeks old and the first cat I ever paid $ for. He was well worth every cent as he is my constant companion....helping me to sew (putting paws on thread cone), ushering me to the bathroom(I need TAPWATER NOW!), making sure I eat everything on my plate(hurry up and get me my treat!), massaging me and singing me to sleep(could you give me some more room!),
waking me in the morning so I don't oversleep(I need TAPWATER NOW!) and so many other helpful things.LOL He's just a little Mother Hen.....did I mention he talks? Yes, he is very very vocal and has 11 distinct meows. We have MEOWT--I want out--, one for hello, one for Mum, one for I need TAPWATER NOW!, one for where are you?, one for treats please, one for pick me up and love me, one for are you coming to bed?, one for are you getting up?, one for can I get in bed now? and one that he does constantly, so I'm told, when I'm away. Seriously, he talks as much as a 4 year old on caffiene! And, he will sit and stay on command and do tricks for his treats! One Smart kitty!No , there is no shortage of cat/mommy interaction in this home!


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