Sunday, January 3, 2010

My First Post

My first post.....I was so inspired by reading other quilter's blogs over the past two years that I finally decided to join in all the fun. First, a bit about me. I love quilts, to quilt, to make quilts, to buy fabric, to fondle fabric, to sit and gaze at my fabric, to roll around on the wait...haven't done that yet! LOL I love my hubby, my two wonderful boys and my cat, who by the way, doesn't know he's a cat>he thinks he's Sir Spoiled and Come Meet My Demands Immediately. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color red and think every quilt should have red in it. I am constantly running out of red fabric. I hope there are other red fabric lover's out there. I like most all quilt styles but right now I am into scrappy style. Hope to meet you all here in the New Year!

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